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    Generate unlimited free Gems, Gold & Keys!

    This Hack Generator will let you to have unlimited Gems, Gold & Keys for free. Try it now it!

    King of Thieves Online Generator

    The #1 King of Thieves Hack and Cheats tool. Give our Hack a go and start generating unlimited King of Thieves free Gems, Gold & Keys today.

    Select Amount of Gold

    Make sure you select how much Gold you want to be added to your account.

    • 100

    • 1,000

    • 50,000

    • 250,000

    Select Amount of Gems

    Make sure you select how many Gems you want to be added to your account.

    • 100

    • 1,000

    • 50,000

    • 250,000

    Select Amount of Keys

    Make sure you select how many Keys you want added to your account.

    • 100

    • 1,000

    • 50,000

    • 250,000

    Best Features of our King of Thieves Hack Tool

    Updated regularly

    As soon as there is an update on King of Thieves we will then look to update on our side. For you this means that you will have a working hack nearly all off the time for the game. We do our best to make sure that once an update comes in that we change or code to reflect that change within an hour or two.

    Advanced Anti-cheat

    The algorithm that we use is a popular anti-detection system used in a lot of game hacks. This means that your game account is always safe when using our King of Thieves hack. We take this all very serious and any updates made on the game side will be updated on our side as soon as humanly possible.

    Free for life

    We think of ourselves are gamers who love nothing more than spending our free time coding new hacks and playing games. As we are nice guys we have decided that this hack to you is free off charge to use whenever you want. This means you can get lots of free Gems, Gold and Keys whenever you want.

    Simpe to use

    The idea behind any hack tool is to make it work and to make it extremely easy to use. We do hope that anyone can use the hack and as you can see it is really self explanatory on how you should use it. A young kid could in theory know what to do with it.

    Browser based

    The generator does not use a file system so this means that you never download and install anything to your phone. The generator is online based and this makes it super safe to use.

    Fast algorithm

    Many man hours have been put into created this generator for you to use. We spend countless hours then testing the hack to make sure it work and is safe from any detection from the King of Thieves game servers. The great thing about using our hack is that it will take less than a two minutes for you to have the Gems, Gold and Keys loaded safely to your game account.

    What is this generator tool?

    This section is to give you a brief description about the King of Thieves Hack Generator and the mechanics of it all. A little bit of background on how we did it but not too much as we do not like to give away to much as we do not like people to steal all our hard work. We do get asked why we create online generators to crack games like King of Thieves. Well we do it mainly to help others and we are gamers ourselves and we know how much more fun these games actually are when you can get unlimited resources in the game. This hack is online based so there is no need to download and install anything to your device. Most games have exploits and our aim is to find them to bring you free resources. We do this on a regular basis and it is not that difficult to do once we find a way in so to speak. The King of Thieves Hack was actually not that easy to crack. But once we first completed the iOS hack we then within a few days were able to complete the hack for Android devices. One other thing is that we use a brilliant encryption system that worked extremely well on all our cracks.

    Reviews of King of Thieves Hack Generator

    Jenny Murphy

    King of Thieves Player

    This is a great working generator. I just wish I had found it earlier as it would have helped me out a lot in the game. I am one of these people that always look for game hacks as I just enjoy the game more with them. Thanks to this site I have a working hack that worked anytime I seem to use it.

    Tim Ward

    King of Thieves Player

    Whoever developed this hack needs a medal. I really love this game it is my favourite game this year and without the hack I think I would just give up on the game. Hacks like these are great for people like me who are not that great at these games but love to play them whenever we have the time.

    Regina Smith

    King of Thieves Player

    Took me a while to find a working hack for this game but thanks to this website I finally have one. I wasted a lot of time looking for a working hack for this game, nothing seemed to work. And this hack is so easy to use. I got lots of Gold, Gems and Keys and in super quick time. All you need to do is to connect your game account and select your resources and they are loaded to your account in about a minute or two.

    Craig Forrester

    King of Thieves Player

    Would like to say thank you to kingofthieveshacks.com, I am using their hack now on a regularly basis and let me tell you that it works like a dream. I have yet to see a hack for this game work as well as this and believe me I have tried a lot of them. Most of the hacks do not seem to work at all and even those hacks I got recommended on forums only seemed to last a day or two.

    Damon Euell

    King of Thieves Player

    I got this website from a friend of mine who had told me about this hack or a Facebook conversation. And I have to say that he was right in what he told me. The hack works really well and gives you so many Gems, Gold and Keys that you will probably not need to use the online generator that often.

    Martin Costello

    King of Thieves Player

    I used this hack for the first time and all I can say is well done to those who created it as it has meant I can play this game and actually do pretty well in it. I am not a big fan of spending lots of time collecting resources so cheats like this really to help a lot.